I was born in Colombia, a hidden gem and the most beautiful country on earth, full of passionate and hardworking people.

After studying tourism and working for one of the biggest travel companies in Colombia, something odd happened to me! the travel bug bit me, and it did it hard!!.. (One of the dangers of working in this industry).

I moved to the UK in 2003 and I have been living in London ever since, enjoying and being challenged by every piece of my journey. During my career, I have had the blessing of meeting amazing people, wonderful cultures and most importantly, I have understood the true meaning of diversity. In London, I have networked with people from several nationalities and backgrounds and by doing so, I have also learned to appreciate my own Colombian roots as I had never done it before.

I am grateful to God, creator of my divine spirit, to the universe, to my family and to my many friends who are now scattered in several countries around the globe. I have worked and met weird! and wonderful people throughout my life, people who have taught me that having chosen travel & tourism as a career has been the absolute right choice. I have lived my life against the odds, personal challenges, risks, and sometimes peer’s disapproval.

The most important thing in life is my present and how I decide to live it, it is all up to me, building my own happiness one day at a time.

I have an immense passion for the airline industry, and apart from being a frequent air traveller, and have also been privileged to have worked in great travel and tourism companies, which have provided me with the knowledge of managing flights within the leisure and business travel sector and from various B2B and B2C perspectives.

I believe that aviation is one of the greatest inventions of times. Air travel allows us to reach close and far away; visiting mind-boggling places, cultures and people. All that travel has also allows me to enjoy from time to time freestyle salsa and latin dancing escapades. Music and travel are for sure the rhythmical blood of my soul.

We live in a decade of endless possibilities; we live in a digital era where travel is not a dream anymore, it is a real global opportunity. Air travel has opened a path of globalisation, internationalisation, awareness and discovery of our kind.

Aviation has allowed me to experience, numerous wonderful countries around the world, hundreds of cities, towns and villages that have mesmerised and indulged my appetite for travel… but most importantly, it has allowed me to interact with local people everywhere I go: I must say that I have now experienced, the beautiful side of humanity. Now ……on my way to some more exciting travel experiences.

De Hanoi a Ho Chi Minh City

Airbus A350-900 – Vietnam Airlines

Remember to start peace and kindness..in your circle…today!



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